About Us.

Our mission is to bring speed and simplicity to the mortgage journey. We work with lenders to make them more efficient and easier to do business with, helping consumers obtain a mortgage much faster. We're making lending better for everyone.

We're building an ecosystem of world-class mortgage technology.

It's an open secret that the mortgage journey is broken and outdated. Many people in the UK have to wait over 60 days to get a decision on their mortgage application.

With the right technology, we can get mortgage applications to lenders in the best possible shape – without missing documents, bad data or policy violations – so that lenders can make a decision faster. Lenders will process more loans, intermediaries will have more time to focus on building relationships with their clients, and most importantly customers will have a much better experience during the biggest financial decision of their lives.

Who We Are

We're a venture-backed team of technologists, finance experts (and doughnut lovers). With over 25 years of combined experience, Rob, Henry and Joy teamed up to tackle the huge challenge of making the lending part of the homeownership process simpler.

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